How To Choose The Best Filter For My Family?

There are probably more than a thousand brands in the market claiming their filters are the best.

Is there such thing as THE best filter?

Well, so many years in the market doing test after test for so many consumers from all walks of life. Every consumer asking the same questions and every supplier claiming the same thing.

Consumer: I want the best filter...
Supplier: I sell only the best filter...

So, here is the blog that will help you to ease your mind a get the perfect water for your family.

My answer: There is no best filter but only perfectly H2O

Enjoy the blog and contact me for more information.

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First You Must Understand...

Water is just H2O (2 part Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen)

We buy a filter because we want to remove everything and we want clean water to drink.

It's just that simple and practical.

Anything else are marketing, lies and over do !

If you can understand the above, you live a simple and healthy life.

If you don't understand or refused to understand, below are some of the most common myths or underlying misunderstanding statements written here today just for you...

Happy Reading

Pure Water

The ONLY filter that can provide such water good for the family to drink, good for a country to drink, good as a water itself is ... Reverse Osmosis (RO) water

Water that gives a TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) reading a zero (000)

Water that gives a better taste

Water that gives a better health

Water that requires by our body

Of course, there are some unanswer doubts created by sellers, suppliers, agents, etc...

So, this webpage is for you

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kidney Failure and water - are they related?

First thing first, this is a very debatable topic and we can argue until the cow comes home.

But here are some interesting facts that you can make your own conclusion

Picture below is a kidney failure patient doing his dialysis. Look at the arm and the agony. Also, it's not cheap and this agony is for a lifetime.

Below here you can see a picture from a Public Health Forum on the reasons for kidney failure.

Of course, diabetic and hypertension are the common caused of kidney failure but don't overlooked the "unknown reason"

Then we read about these: Drugs in the water!

Then we saw these: Lead in the water!

Now if you ask me, I don't know what causes that "unknown reason" but I know some of those i.e drugs, lead, TDS, etc... were found in the water so conclusion... why take the risk ?

Get a Elken Ken RO System

If I were wrong on the above, nothing happened to your health but if half the report were right, it make a big changes in our health.

So, seriously get a Elken Ken RO System.

What is a million dollar if you don't have good health

What is a mansion if you don't have good health

What is a PhD if you don't have a good health

Get serious on your health.